Our History

The Story of Delta Sierra Beverage Company begins in Switzerland and ends up in Modesto. It starts out as milk and turns into beer and other alcoholic beverages. Over the course of more than 95 years, here is how it happened…


Ben Santi, a Swiss immigrant, arrives in Merced and finds employment at a local dairy.


Santi purchases the dairy (in lieu of back wages owed him) and changes the name to Merced Dairy.


With the repeal of Prohibition, the business expands adding the distribution of beer and wine.  The beer and wine are split off under the business name, Ben Santi, Beer & Wine.


Don Stewart marries Betty Santi and joins the family business.


The hot selling beer is Lucky Lager and the business name is changed to Lucky Distributing Company.


Anheuser-Busch is added to the distribution.


Delta Distribution Co. in Modesto is purchased.


With the increasing popularity of Budweiser, Lucky Distribution changes its name to Sierra Beverage Company.


Delta Brands in Modesto and Sierra Beverage Company in Merced consolidate to become Delta Sierra Beverage in Modesto.


Delta Sierra Beverage merges with Anheuser-Busch owned distributorship in Stockton.

Currently Delta Sierra Beverage services more than 2,600 retail accounts in all or parts of eight counties.