BarrelHouse Brewing Mango IPA, Now In Six Packs

(Paso Robles, CA) – BarrelHouse Brewing Co. of Paso Robles, Ca is excited to announce Mango IPA six-packs to their 12oz bottles lineup. Mango IPA was originally launched late last summer in 22oz and on draft. It quickly gained momentum and customer demand was on pace with their two best sellers: BarrelHouse IPA and Sunny Daze.

BarrelHouse Mango IPA


“Mango IPA was created from the ground up, we didn’t just toss mangos into our IPA. We designed it to be more drinkable and refreshing with a balance of delicate sweetness, huge mango character, but still retaining its IPA backbone with light bitterness. We love this beer and aren’t surprised by its tremendous growth in such a short time. With this addition, we made the jump to one of the most trusted bottling machines in the industry, a GAI Prospero. With Prospero’s unchallenged minimal dissolved oxygen pickup, we’re more confident than ever with our product’s freshness and the ability for our guys to get more beer to the consumer even quicker. Expect to see our Mango IPA, alongside our other brands, on shelves throughout our California distribution network.” Chris Vaughn, Marketing Director.


BarrelHouse Mango IPA Specs:

Style: India Pale Ale

ABV: 6.0%

Bitterness: 45 IBUs

Package: 12oz six-packs, 22-ounce Bombers, and Draft

Release: February 2017; year-round offering

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